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Our motto is to fulfil every need of each student in the context of accountancy.

Best concepts of accountancy by renowned faculty of India Raj Singh having a Tremendous Record of producing 100/100 in accountancy for Ten years Consecutive from 2013 to 2023 ( details can be checked on the website with reviews, Roll no., school code and centre code of those students ).

With an excellent experience of more than 25 years, we provide you:-
  • 1. Practical lectures of each topic discussing every concept minutely by the latest technology.
  • 2. Easy but effective notes to revise difficult topics after class.
  • 3. Questions and answer in summarized form from all the reputed books of Accountancy. No need to refer a particular book.
  • 4. Tricks to solve MCQs and effortlessly fill in the blanks.
  • 5. Live classes in regular interval for more concept clarity.
  • 6. Easy payment options.
  • 7. How to score full 100 Mark's in Accountancy.
  • 8. Free demo class to know how difficult topics are explained comfortably and unforgettably.
  • 9. Free Motivational video's on how to overcome the pressure of exams and how to overcome difficult situations in life.
  • 10. How to attempt Theory Part of accountancy effectively.
  • 11. How to utilize Reading Time in the best manner to save time.
  • 12. Proper time management to follow in examination room.
  • 13. How to build confidence in Accountancy.
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